Small Business Freedom Summit



Where is the summit held?

The summit and all of its content are hosted 100 percent online so you can access it from anywhere, anytime during the summit period.

Why is it free?

The summit is focused on bringing business owners information that can improve their quality of life. All presenters have agreed to speak free of charge, and the event sponsor has covered the miscellaneous production costs, therefore there are no costs to pass on to attendees.

I just started my business, is it too soon to join an event like this?

No, the longer you wait to structure your business correctly the more time you will need to invest to correct the direction it’s going in. Start now and see success sooner than you thought possible!

I don’t have a business yet, is this event for me?

Yes, our experts will provide the information you need to build your business correctly from day 1.

How long will the content from this summit be available?

Each presentation from the summit runs for 72 hours, after that it will no longer be available.

Can I buy this program or re-view it at a later date?

No, this program is entirely free, but based on its limited availability. This program will only be available to view during the summit period.

Can I continue to follow or reach out to experts after the summit?

Yes! we will provide information on how to continue your relationship with each expert and many will offer free gifts as part of their participation in the summit as well!

What can I expect from the summit?

21 experts will share their specialized insight on topics including marketing, time management, business development, living on your own terms, quality of life, business growth and more.

Who can I contact with issues or questions?

If you have issues or questions about the summit, please contact

I’m a business owner who already can’t keep up as it is, how could this possibly be worth my time?

You already answered your own question! If you don’t have time for the things you want as a business owner, you need the systems and processes our experts will share more than anyone.

How quickly will the summit help me/ how soon will I see changes with the information from the summit?

You will have instant access to each day’s presentation once the summit begins. All information shared by the speakers can be implemented in your business immediately so you can start seeing results from day 1.

Small Business Freedom Summit | Frequently Asked Questions