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June 2017 Expert Speakers

Adam Kirk Smith | Speaker | Small Business Freedom Summit |

Adam Kirk Smith

Adam Kirk Smith is the author of THE BRAVEST YOU. His popular blog,, offers insights on leadership, bravery, and life purpose, among other topics. Named one of the most influential people of 2014 by American Genius, Smith has written for Entrepreneur and Success Magazine, among other publications, and has been featured in Newsday and other media. He lives in Illinois with his family.

Jason Swenk | Speaker | Small Business Freedom Summit |

Jason Swenk

Jason Swenk was off to work for Arthur Anderson, one of the big 5 consulting firms. He quickly realized that it was not a good fit. Although it was not part of the plan. He decided to change direction, quit his day job and launch a digital marketing agency that quickly grew to a multi-million dollar operation working with brands from AT&T, Hitachi and Lotus Cars. After 12 years of steady growth, they caught the attention of bigger agencies and sold the agency in 2012.

Now, he runs a unique consultancy helping marketing agencies start, scale, enjoy, and sell their agency.

He generously shares it all as a frequent guest on popular radio and podcast shows. He has been featured as an expert in top media publications such as Entrepreneur and Inc. Magazine. Plus, he currently hosts two podcasts that are available for download and subscription on iTunes:

The Smart Agency Master Class Podcast, dedicated to providing tactics and strategies to agency owners and decision makers that cut through the BS, focus on exactly what works and what doesn’t.

The #AskSwenk Show, a live broadcast with questions and rapid-fire answers about agencies, marketing, entrepreneurship and business based on a lifetime of building successful, multi-million dollar companies.
Also, check him out on his Youtube Channel – or on his website –

Dan Western | Speaker | Small Business Freedom Summit |

Dan Western

Dan Western is the founder of the #1 fastest growing inspirational blog on the web, Dan is an entrepreneur, blogger, podcaster and digital nomad. Dan helps others transform their mindset and live the life they want to live—not the one they’re told to.

Nadya Zhexembayeva | Speaker | Small Business Freedom Summit |

Nadya Zhexembayeva

Called ‘The Reinvention Guru’ (In Ventures magazine) and ‘The Queen of Reinvention’ (TEDx Navasink), Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva is a business owner, educator, speaker and author — specializing in reinvention.

As a business owner, Nadya oversees a group of companies active in real estate, investment, and consulting. As a consultant, Nadya has helped such organizations as The Coca-Cola Company, ENRC PLC, IBM, CISCO, Erste Bank, Henkel, Knauf Insulation, Vienna Insurance Group and many others to reinvent their products, processes, and leadership practices.

Nadya also appreciated an opportunity for corporate experience when a long-term client, a 75,000-employee mining and metals company, ENRC PLC, invited her to join the executive suite to curate business transformation efforts. From 2013 to 2016, Nadya oversaw all aspects of the transformation as the company went from public to private and from a financial to a hands-on operational holding under the new brand, ERG. She continues to support the Group in an advisory role.

As an educator, Nadya personally contributed to the development of nearly 5,000 executives from over 60 countries and 20 industries teaching and developing via small group executive education sessions, custom-made seminars, and long-term corporate reinvention projects.

Steven Patzer | Speaker | Small Business Freedom Summit |

Steven Patzer

Entrepreneur specializing in money management and marketing.

Steven Patzer has over 4 years of success in coaching creative money management techniques and modern day marketing strategies. He is known for his extensive marketing and leadership experience and being personally retained by young entrepreneurs to brand themselves and their startups.

Whether it’s your blog, personal brand, business or social media accounts, getting to the point simply and strong is essential. That’s where Steven comes in.

“Consulting is far more than retaining an expert to show you the ropes, it’s a lasting partnership for the coming years of success”

Here’s a link to Steven Patzer’s book, Six Figure Secrets: Cut Out The Nine To

Honorée Corder | Speaker | Small Business Freedom Summit |

Honorée Corder

Honorée Corder is the author of dozens of books, including You Must Write a BookThe Prosperous Writer book seriesVision to Reality,  Business DatingThe Successful Single Mom book seriesIf Divorce is a Game, These are the Rules, and The Divorced Phoenix. She is also Hal Elrod’s business partner in The Miracle Morning book series. Honorée coaches business professionals, writers, and aspiring non-fiction authors who want to publish their books to bestseller status, create a platform, and develop multiple streams of income. She also does all sorts of other magical things, and her badassery is legendary.

Here’s a link for a free download of Honorée’s networking book, Business Dating

You can also grab two free chapters of You Must Write a Book here:


Pamela Slim | Speaker | Small Business Freedom Summit |

Pamela Slim

Pamela Slim is an award-winning author, speaker and business consultant who has been an entrepreneur for twenty years. Her passion for career and organizational development spans many different work modes and client engagements.

A former Director of Training and Development at Barclays Global Investors in San Francisco, she spent the first 10 years of her business as a consultant to large companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Charles Schwab and Cisco Systems, where she worked with thousands of executives, managers and employees.

In the last eleven years, she helped hundreds of people to start and grow successful businesses. She built a powerful online presence at Escape from Cubicle Nation, a site designed for corporate employees who wanted to make the shift to entrepreneur.  At Escape, Pam developed and taught business building courses for thousands of entrepreneurs. She has worked with companies serving the small business market such as Infusionsoft, Kahuna Accounting and Citrix.

Barbara Turley | Speaker | Small Business Freedom Summit |

Barbara Turley

Barbara Turley is the Founder & CEO of Virtual Angel Hub, a company that specialises in recruiting, training and managing superstar ‘Virtual Angels’ in the social media, digital marketing and systems automation space.

Running several businesses herself and consulting and investing in several more she saw how pivotal great teams were to scalable business success but also how challenging it can be to implement. With a belief that entrepreneurship (without the overwhelm) is one of the best ways to push the world forward, she created Virtual Angel Hub to be the leading solution in the market place for businesses looking to get help implementing their social media, digital marketing and business automation strategies.

Within weeks of joining Virtual Angel Hub she has seen clients bring in more money, reduce overwhelm and fall in love with their businesses and lives all over again.

Siimon Reynolds | Speaker | Small Business Freedom Summit |

Siimon Reynolds

Siimon Reynolds is a very rare person in the world of executive and entrepreneur coaching. He is not just a teacher, he’s actually a highly successful business person himself. Siimon is one of the world’s leading high performance coaches for CEO’s and entrepreneurs. He also coaches business leaders from all over the world. He helps ambitious people excel, maximize profits, lead their teams and reach their goals. He also speak globally on the subjects of high performance, leadership, productivity and ultra achievement. And Siimon helps business high performers achieve more, earn more and be more.

David Hoyt | Speaker | Small Business Freedom Summit |

David Hoyt

David is a strategic advisor, communicator, leader, and guide. He’s had the privilege of riding shotgun with John Maxwell for 19 years serving as an inner circle member, running a significant portion of John’s business interests and most recently served as President of The John Maxwell Company. Today David advises leaders on growing their organizations as well as guiding them to live lives of purpose, courage, and intentionality. He does this by advising and guiding people through:

  • Strategy & Growth Consulting
  • 2-day LifePlan Process
  • Executive / Leadership / Life Coaching

He lives outside of Atlanta with his wife Lori of 20+ years and his two teenage children. Besides his passion to help people be bigger on the inside than they are on the outside, he loves creating experiences and memories with family and friends as well as sneaking up to the mountains for “soul care”, rest and solitude.

Esther Blum | Speaker | Small Business Freedom Summit |

Esther Blum, MS, RD, CDN, CNS

• Bachelor of Science in Clinical Nutrition from Simmons College in Boston and a Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition from New York University.
• Credentialed as a registered dietitian, a certified dietitian-nutritionist and a certified nutrition specialist (CNS), a license of the American College of Nutrition (ACN)’s certifying arm, the Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists (CBNS).
• Member of the American Dietetic Association, Dietitians in Functional Medicine, Nutritionists in Complementary Care, and the Connecticut Dietetic Association.
• Authored four bestselling books: Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous, Secrets of Gorgeous, The Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous Project, and Cavewomen Don’t Get Fat.
• Regular media and press appearances including Dr. Oz, The Today Show, A Healthy You with Carol Alt, Fox-5 News, and The Isaac Mizrahi Show.

Brad Lea | Speaker | Small Business Freedom Summit |

Brad Lea

Brad is a self-made entrepreneur, American businessman, author, sales expert and philanthropist.  With over 25 years in sales & marketing and after training and motivating thousands worldwide. He is best known as the founder and CEO of LightSpeed VT, a global leader in web-based training and communication.  Brad also is the host of The Bottom Line.

Jordan Stupar | Speaker | Small Business Freedom Summit |

Jordan Stupar

Jordan Stupar is the founder of Stupar Sales Academy and is a premiere sales consultant specializing in optimizing sales conversion, customer service experience, pipeline management and increasing revenue for both B2C and B2B inside sales, as well as retail-based corporations.
He has over 12 years of direct sales experience and has consistently remained a top producing sales professional and has placed himself in the top 1% of all income earners.
After winning NY-Times Best Selling Author, Grant Cardone’s, reality TV show, Whatever It Takes, Jordan worked under the instruction of Cardone for over 3 years. After being named top producing sales manager in 2015, Jordan also acquired the company’s largest contract from a Fortune 100 corporation. While there, Jordan signed over $6M of personal self-generated business with over 250 corporate clients.
John Carter| Speaker | Small Business Freedom Summit |

John Carter

John Carter’s father was a Morgan Stanley stock broker. One day during high school, John came home from the mall where he was working at a store making cookies. He had saved up $1,000 over the course of a few months and his dad told him that he and some of his friends were going to buy “some call options on Intel” the next day. With his father’s direction, he bought 10 call options at $0.75, and sold them a few days later for $1.50, doubling his money. He was hooked and has been trading ever since—going on 25 years now.

Carter studied at the University of Cambridge, England, and then graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with degrees in History and Economics.

He is also a Commodity Trading Advisor with Razor Trading. His book, “Mastering the Trade” was released in January 2006 and has since climbed the charts on Carter has also been featured on CNBC, CME Group, Bloomberg, Fox Business and Tasty Trade.


Greg Galle | Speaker | Small Business Freedom Summit |

Greg Galle

Greg Galle has been exploring how design improves lives through story, experience, visualization, user interface, and ingenuity for more than 27 years. He has been nationally recognized with awards from The Clio Awards, Communication Arts Magazine, Critique Magazine, ID Magazine, The NY Art Directors Club, New York Arts Festival, and Western Art Directors Club, among others. The Los Angeles Museum of Modern Art has acquired his Suicide Book for their permanent Book Arts collection. Greg serves as a Fuse Corps Advisor, and as a Project M advisor. He is also a Board Member Emeritus on the board of Not For Sale, the campaign to end slavery and human trafficking within our lifetime.

Greg has also collaborated on and been cited in numerous books on design, communication, and business strategy, including The Brand Gap: How To Bridge The Distance Between Business Strategy and Design by Marty Neumeier, Why Business People Speak Like Idiots: A Bullfighter’s Guide by Brian Fugere, and Mass Career Customization: Aligning The Workplace with Today’s Nontraditional Workforce and The Corporate Lattice: Achieving High Performance in the Changing World of Work by Cathleen Benko and Molly Anderson.
Dr. Mark Goulston | Speaker | Small Business Freedom Summit |

Dr. Mark Goulston

Dr. Mark Goulston is a CEO advisor and confidante and a global thought leader in the area of empathic listening.

Founders, CEO’s, Executives, Chairmen and Boards of Directors also hire Dr. Goulston to improve any and all of the non-technical aspects of their organizations and companies including leadership, team building, culture, user experience and cross cultural integration.

Widely regarded as a “people hacker,” Dr. Goulston began his career as an interventional psychiatrist focusing on suicide and violence prevention and UCLA professor of psychiatry. He then extended his work to training FBI and police hostage negotiators and then to the corporate and NGOs. His entire career’s approach has been to get through to people by getting where they’re truly coming from, having them experience that along with the deep trust that Dr. Goulston will never hurt them or take advantage of them. And he never has and never will.

His “people hacking” has now extended to, “hacking genius,” and he has been speaking, writing and providing webinars on “Thinking Like Steve Jobs – Discover His 4 Step Formula for Creating ‘Gotta Have It!’ ”

Dr. Goulston is the author of seven books with his book, “Just Listen” Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone, becoming the top book on listening in the world and his first book, Get Out of Your Own Way: Overcoming Self-Defeating Behavior, first published in 1996 being in the top 5 self-help books at Amazon for the last five years. His most recent book is “Talking to Crazy: How to Deal with the Irrational and Impossible People in Your Life.”

He writes for Harvard Business Review, Biz Journals, Business Insider, Huffington Post, Fast Company and Psychology Today and appears widely in the media including CNN, Wall St. Journal, NY Times, Fortune and Forbes.

Nathan Hague | Speaker | Small Business Freedom Summit |

Nathan Hague

Nathan Hague was running >64 personal training sessions per week, but found PT business management software absolutely awful. So he set up a software company to create and produce a TRULY integrated personal trainer software business platform.

With AustraliaWOW!, Nathan and his team created PT training software that successfully automates many of the business processes that fitness professionals find tedious and hate doing. We extended the system into a single platform, where it integrates the following:

  • Marketing (email marketing, SMS marketing, Facebook Marketing)
  • Nutrition
  • Billing
  • Scheduling
  • Lead Generation
  • Landing Pages
  • Social Network Layer
  • Video Conferencing (custom-written to work on popular browsers, no plugins required)
  • Quantified Self Fitness Tracking Hardware “talking” to our software
  • Integration into GP / Physician practices for “patient-led” wellness programs.

And yes bro, Nathan lifts.

Chelsea Krost | Speaker | Small Business Freedom Summit |

Chelsea Krost

Millennial Marketing Strategist
Chelsea is an accomplished Millennial Spokesperson/Brand Strategist, Media Personality,
Keynote Speaker, Social Influencer. #MillennialTalk Chat Host-Tues 8PM ET

Chelsea Krost has had a passion for empowering Millennials since she was just 16. Today, Chelsea is one of America’s leading Millennial influencers, Millennial marketing and brand strategists, a sought-after keynote speaker, media personality, and the #MillennialTalk chat host. Her passion for empowering the Millennial generation has shaped her brand and business. Chelsea’s influence reaches everywhere, shaping marketing strategies of not only small businesses but Fortune 500 corporations. Chelsea offers LIVE Coaching and DIY programs to Entrepreneurs and Businesses of all sizes. She specializes in those who are looking to gain a deeper understanding of Millennial mindset, zero in on what to do on social media, explain how to use influencer marketing, streamline digital marketing strategies, and reveal how to build a loyal and engaged online community.

Tristan Truscott | Speaker | Small Business Freedom Summit |

Tristan Truscott

“How to Become a Black Belt in Business”

As a young man Tristan Truscott became involved in the Martial Arts where he began his study of the mind-body-spirit connection. After many years of dedicated training Tristan was granted the coveted level of Black Belt and went on to build a thriving Martial Arts Academy that has generated millions of dollars.

Unfortunately after 8 years of running the school Tristan was forced to end his martial arts career, due to a crippling back injury. Even after five years of intense pain and an unsuccessful $90,000 surgery, Tristan pushed onwards seeking a solution to his crisis.

In the year 2005 he finally had a healing breakthrough that helped him reclaim his health and begin teaching again. Tristan discovered that the focus of the mind when unified with the energy of the body is the greatest transforming power we have, if developed correctly.

Ever guided by the entrepreneurial spirit, now fused with an even greater desire to help others through life’s intense challenges, Tristan set out to earn his Black Belt in Business. For the past 10 years he has focused his energy on mastering the art of online “freedom-based” business.

For Tristan freedom is a word that points to time-freedom, money-freedom and spiritual-freedom. One of his greatest joys is coaching entrepreneurs to have more of all three by managing their daily energy, mastering their marketing, and merging their business practice with their spiritual practice.

Tristan attributes much of his success with online marketing to two of his business partners – John Assaraf (the founder of NeuroGym and a featured teacher in the hit movie The Secret) and Glen Ledwell (the CEO of Mind Movies – a technology company that allows you to quickly and easily create your own digital visionboards).

In addition to directing NeuroGym’s High-End Business Black Program and coaching passion-driven entrepreneurs, Tristan also runs his online Health and Wellness company: the Satori Method Academy, along with his wife Sabrina Truscott.

John Livesay | Speaker | Small Business Freedom Summit |

John Livesay

As The Pitch Whisperer, John Livesay helps people craft a compelling pitch that tugs at the heartstrings so people open their purse strings. He hosts “The Successful Pitch” podcast and is the author of “The Successful Pitch : Conversations on Going From Invisible To Investable.”

John had an award winning twenty year career in media sales with Conde Nast and is the mentor at

John has appeared in Forbes, INC. as well on CBS FOX and ABC as an expert on “How To Ask For What You Want And Get A Yes.”

Bonus Speakers

Jamy Bechler | Speaker | Small Business Freedom Summit |

Jamy Bechler

Jamy Bechler is a professional speaker, leadership trainer and executive business coach who is based out of Atlanta, Georgia.  Before going into full-time leadership work, Jamy served for 20 years as a college basketball coach, professor and administrator. When he hung up the whistle, he didn’t stop coaching. Jamy just moved from the locker-room into the boardroom. He now travels the country motivating people and “coaching” organizations on how they can build championship teams and cultures.

Jamy is a John Maxwell certified leadership coach and is the author of The Leadership Playbook.

Apryl Schlueter | Bonus Speaker | Small Business Freedom Summit |

Apryl Schlueter

Speaker, Coach, and Author of Finding Success in Balance: My Journey to The Cheerful Mind (2017) By the age of 30, Apryl had done everything that she was told would lead me to a happy life – study hard, graduate from a reputable University with a good degree, get a high paying job, find the love of my life, get married, have kids and a dog, and buy a house in the suburbs with an attached garage. Which then led her to the question,“now what?!” She now has a passion-based career, abundant quality time with my family, fulfilling relationships with herself and others, strong commitment to health and fitness, and financial security. And she is accomplishing her goals while having a lot of fun and getting things done. She is honored to be helping other successful, high-achievers accomplish really big goals while simultaneously creating lives they love as well.